Bringing Distant Tastes To Unexposed Markets

There are a lot of small towns that are ready to throw their money into a new, refreshing taste. It's hard to gauge which towns are ready to grow their food and drink variety, and leaping carelessly into small town markets can become a slow and painful failure if the area just doesn't like new things. Here are a few signs of growth potential as you explore untapped markets and consider the different flavors for a changed menu or new venue.

Six Cool Ways To Enhance Your Restaurant With Dry Ice

Dry ice isn't just for special effects in the movies. More and more restaurants owners are discovering the many ways it can be used to prevent food from spoiling during emergencies and to draw in new customers. If you're not aware of the versatility of dry ice, here are six cool ways it can enhance your restaurant.   Cook Food If you've never imagined using dry ice for cooking, it's definitely doable.

Looking For More Flavor In Your Coffee?

With so many brands and fast alternatives to caffeine, finding a good cup of coffee can be hard if you're not part of some chic, food and drink connoisseur culture. There are a lot of beans, a lot of brewing methods, a lot of packaging techniques, and so many ways to get things wrong. To cut through a lot of the choices, here are a few flavor profiles from coffee beans and brewing processes to help you get to the right taste and experience.

3 Guidelines For Hiring Corporate Catering

When you need to put together a great spread for a work luncheon, or want to put together an entire event, you'll need to get the help of corporate catering professionals that are great at what they do. You won't know the difference that they can make until you read up on the benefits of hiring corporate catering, and research the companies in your city. To start planning out your next corporate event, follow these points to match up with the catering business that will make the event top-notch.

Five Ways To Use Caramel Candies

Caramel candies are delicious on their own, but sometimes you may want to do something a little bit more creative than just eat them right out of the wrapper.  Add Flavor to Coffee or Tea Caramel candies are typically made with a mix of sugar, milk or cream, vanilla, and butter. This makes them a perfect sweetener to add into a cup of hot coffee or tea. They'll give your drink a caramel flavor without the use of flavored syrup.

3 Examples Of Cold Or Room Temperature Indian Food To Have Delivered When It Is Too Hot Outside To Cook Or Eat Hot Food

As the summer heats up and the days get longer, it can seem as if walking into the kitchen to cook a meal is a bit like entering a sauna before it heats up...it's comfortable now, but you know it won't be for long. Since the heat outside can often impact your desire to eat something hot as easily as it does your desire to stand in a hot kitchen, you might want to consider ordering one or more of the following examples of cold or room temperature Indian food delivery.

Tips For When You Go To A Wine Tasting Event

If you are new to wine tasting, you might not know what to expect or what you should do in order to ensure that you are going to get the most out of the experience. To help you with this, you will want to take note of the following suggestions. Decide If You Are Going To Spit Or Swallow While wine tasting, you will notice that there will be some spit or dumb buckets on the tables.

Keeping Guests In Your Bookstore With The Comforts Of Home

If you are in the process of opening your own bookshop, you are most likely excited about the prospect of having customers browse the reading material you have available and make purchases so they can enjoy their hobby at home. One way to make your establishment desirable to those visiting is with the addition of comforts people will enjoy during their stay. Here are some features you will want to have on hand for those who come into your bookshop to take a peek at the reading selection you have available.

Starting A Catering Business On A Budget

It can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $50,000 to start a catering business. While that sounds like a lot of money, there are several things that you can do to cut your costs. Check out these tips to learn how you can start a catering business on a budget. Operate from Home You don't need a massive kitchen and office space when you first start your business. Instead, operate your business from your home to get it off the ground.

5 Mexican Special Occasion Dishes You Need To Know About

There's a lot more to Mexican food than tacos and tortillas. Mexico has a rich culinary tradition dating back to prehistoric times -- in fact, Mexican cuisine has been designated as a cultural treasure by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Try any one of the following four special occasion dishes and you'll understand why this designation has been well-earned.   Pozole Pozole is a richly spiced stew that's simmered low and slow for hours in order to allow the flavors to mellow and meld until they've reached just the right level of deliciousness.