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Keeping Guests In Your Bookstore With The Comforts Of Home

If you are in the process of opening your own bookshop, you are most likely excited about the prospect of having customers browse the reading material you have available and make purchases so they can enjoy their hobby at home. One way to make your establishment desirable to those visiting is with the addition of comforts people will enjoy during their stay. Here are some features you will want to have on hand for those who come into your bookshop to take a peek at the reading selection you have available.

Give Out Snacks And Beverages

Many customers will enjoy having a light snack or beverage to indulge in while they scope out some reading material. Set up a station in your bookshop where those browsing can select a pastry, cookie, or brownie to dunk into a hot beverage. An espresso machine or cappuccino maker will allow customers to sample delectable flavors sure to please. These can be utilized by customers on their own, or you can hire an employee to help with the preparation of coffee and other beverages as well as the presentation of snacks to be consumed.

Make Sure Plenty Of Seating Is Available

Those who like to read often do so while curled up on a couch or lounge chair. Consider placing several different types of seating within your bookshop so those visiting have a vast selection of comfortable surfaces to choose from when they decide to relax and read some material in your establishment. Add cozy pillows, a few warm knitted throws to make the areas even more desirable to those who decide to sink into a piece of furniture. Add a few tables in your establishment as well to hold a variety of sample reading material. This may pique the interest of those who stop to take a break, helping you to boost sales as a result. These tables will also aid in holding the beverages and snacks provided.

Add Activities To Break Up Monotony

While many visitors will focus on the books you have available to purchase while in your establishment, it is a nice idea to have a few extra activities on hand to engage in between reading sessions. Position a few board games on tables in the shop for the younger set to enjoy while waiting for parents to finish up with their book selections. Puzzles, Crossword books, and coloring books can also be put in an area of your shop to be used by those visiting if desired. 

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