Choosing Healthier Food Options

Bringing Distant Tastes To Unexposed Markets

There are a lot of small towns that are ready to throw their money into a new, refreshing taste. It's hard to gauge which towns are ready to grow their food and drink variety, and leaping carelessly into small town markets can become a slow and painful failure if the area just doesn't like new things. Here are a few signs of growth potential as you explore untapped markets and consider the different flavors for a changed menu or new venue.

Larger City Options

One of the biggest influences on local cuisine is the flavor features in other parts of the area. Unless the small town is itself a magnet for culinary charm, the larger cities have already done a lot of work for you.

Cities within an hour of your target towns are close enough for residents to explore new tastes or discover the sights and smells of something else. Many people continue to avoid these new tastes because of the assumed costs or reluctance to try something new, but simple exposure from being close enough is helpful.

Sometimes, being unwilling to try something new is a thin veil that is easy to pierce. Some people simply enjoy saying "no", and while that could say a lot about individual attitudes, all you need to worry about is whether they will buy or not.

Figure out which tastes in larger cities are purchased by not just the young and trendy, but the everyday people who are just trying to catch up.

Baked Brilliance For An Easy Start

For a fresh, low-cost start, consider baked goods as your test for local flavor improvement.

Many food ventures are risky, relying on some single-purpose equipment with fairly heavy cleaning requirements. Especially with fried foods, you have a lot of hard to clean and easily ruined equipment that may not work well if you decide to switch focus.

A bakery has a lot of versatility. Bread may seem like a single, linear category to some, but the world of artisan breads and the many things you can do with a great set of grains can deliver a lot to the community. 

From baguettes to bagels, or desserts and savory selections, an artisan bread-focused business can easily switch from the traditional to adventurous within a day. To flirt with change in a town on the cusp of devouring new tastes, contact an artisan bread professional, like Klosterman Baking Company, and work on a plan of action.