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Bring Out The Best In Your Coffee

When you spend money on a really nice, high-end coffee, like Honduras San Marcos coffee, you want to make sure that the way you are brewing that coffee does it justice. If you just crush the beans and put them in a standard drip coffee maker, what comes out will be somewhat better than everyday coffee, but you will still miss out on a lot of the nuance and the more unique flavors in the brew. So how can you do your high-end coffee justice? By following these tips, of course.

1. Buy a bur grinder.

Buying whole-bean coffee will allow you to make a much fresher, better cup of coffee than if you were to buy pre-ground coffee. But then you need to grind the beans yourself. There are two types of grinders on the market. The most popular, cheaper option is a blade grinder that basically chops the beans up. The other option is a bur grinder, which basically shaves the beans into bits. A bur grinder results in a much more even grind, which results in a better cup of coffee. Definitely invest in a bur grinder to use with your favorite coffee.

2. Use a pour-over.

There are several ways to make truly nice coffee: French press, siphon, and percolator brewers all work well. The very best option, and in many cases the easiest to use well, is a pour-over. These coffee brewing systems are shaped like cones with a glass compartment underneath the cone. You put a filter in the cone, put your ground beans inside the filter, and pour water over them. This brewing method helps ensure you extract all of the varied flavor compounds from the coffee. It works particularly well for Honduran coffees since they tend to have a very complex flavor profile.

3. Filter your water.

The flavors in your water will, of course, affect the flavors in your coffee. Water that is too high in chlorine or sulfur can throw off the balance of your coffee and distort its flavor. Chlorine, in particular, can mask the more roasted notes in Honduran coffees, for example. So use filtered water to brew your coffee. Either put the tap water through a filter or buy bottled water specifically for this purpose.

With the tips above, you can do your high-end coffee some justice and really brew a nice cup for your morning. Enjoy!